XP1 V2 FW thoughts and requests...

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Scott McL
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TTL confuses the issue...

Indeed, using the "TTL image" as a 2nd RF-patch superimposed is (nearly?) impossible as this image will be de facto improperly focused.

But don't worry about adding the RF patch to an existing Fuji body. This is not a mere firmware fix style feature.

But it is trivial to add a tiny window and optical sensor to a future Fuji body to provide the 2nd RF-patch image.

Also, you are correct that, again with added body hardware, an "SLR style split prism" feature could be added to a future Fuji body via the "TTL image" without adding a new, additional optical sensor to a future Fuji X-series body. But still, new body guts will be required to implement this feature.

Both are possible. Neither is a simple "firmware fix" to existing body designs.

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