Do Pros Prefer Fixed or Articulating/Tilting LCD (Displays)?

Started Sep 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
andrewD2 Veteran Member • Posts: 8,970
Useful but I don't want one.

I do some over the head shots on a monopod with a fisheye. It would be great to have a tiltable screen. There are other times where I'd be less twisted to get a shot and my back would appreciate it. They are professionally usable for sure.
If I was a product shooter I'd be happy with a tilt and swivel screen.

I do NOT want one on a 1D body for what I do though (I use 1DsIII+1DIV ATM and have a 1D and 1Ds so perhaps I'm the sort of person Canon asks).
One less thing to break.

I'd rather buy a OM-D EM5 and a fisheye and use that for a few shots than have a less bullet proof body the other 99% of the time. (It would be lighter for that purpose too).

I don't want a camera with IS built in either, I've broken it on every camera that's had it and one stopped working completely because of it.


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