What to do ?

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Re: What to do ?

Thank you for your advice.....I can go higher, but as has been said I have spent money on P&S in the past and truth be told, I don't want to spend a lot of money on another one, just to find the same problem. As you say, the RX100 is more than I want to spend, but my reservation is do I spend the £400 and find it is an expensive P&S and more money wasted ? I have gone to shops and tried them before buying, but bring them into the real world and real situations and what once seemed good gives poor results. This is why I was thinking about going for a DLSR, I've heard they are far superior to P&S....Please don't jump all over me, I am a novice aside from buying a few P&S. As for learning techniques, I have tried to find camera clubs, but they have been closed and I think they reopen around here (Devon) around mid October, but speaking to someone who was a pro photographer (Apparently) he told me that the local camera clubs are " Only interested in talking to you if you A: Have the latest all singing all dancing top of the range camera or B : Want to fawn all over their latest pictures" He left 3 local clubs due to their snooty attitudes, even though he had the top of the range equipment, he told me he was there to help people like myself who want to learn the ropes not to back slap and sneer like the other members. I would consider watching online/dvd tutorials, but I'd need one that speaks to me rather than at me. Any suggestions ?

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