Canon FD 500mm

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Good point!

I automatically assumed the f/4.5 version having just read another post

Here is a couple of links to follow:
To Christian Rollinger's Canon Lens Work Book 1986
and Photography in Malaysia


dherzstein wrote:

jcampy wrote:

I did a google search but thought there would be more knowledge on this site. I have the opprtunity to buy one for $200 from a friends friend and wonder if there is good adapter to use with my 5D MK II. My eyesight is not the greatest so manually focusing will be a challenge but I figure for that price I would give it a shot.
Does anybody have pictures taken with this lens?

There were 2 different Canon FD 500mm lenses made, a 500/4.5L (refractive) and a 500/8 (reflective).

  • If it's the refractive lens, then $200 is a real bargain.

  • If it's the reflective lens, then... maybe.

  • If it's a non-Canon brand lens, then skip it.

As others mentioned, adapting FD lenses to a digital EOS body is problematic.

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