Why is A65 so slow to clear ir's buffer?

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Re: Why is A65 so slow to clear ir's buffer?

Tubal wrote:

I think mostly this, but something doesn't make sense to me in the tests.

In the RX100, it takes longer (6s) to clear 13 JPGs than it does to clear 13 RAW (2s).

A RAW file is typically larger than it's JPG counterpart. So there is something fishy.

If you look at the jpg comparison:

RX100: 6s for 13 frames (95MB/s card, 20MP sensor)
A65: 12s for 18 frames (45MB/s card, 24MP sensor)

So this would be more in line.

That's not an "error". As IR noted, they repeated the test several times and got the same result. RAW files on RX100 took 2 sec to clear, much faster than it's jpegs.

RAW to JPEG processing can slow down the speed too.

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