Where's the D4 review?

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Re: D4 review is unnecessary?

JC1306 wrote:

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reginalddwight wrote:

I doubt too many potential D4 users are waiting with bated breath for DPR's D4 review before forking out $6000.

You are right, and those of us that use a D4 really are in little need of a review

There are also people for whom a D4 isn't a tax deductable

I don't mean to be rude, but you either know what you're getting for 6 grand, or you over-buying. And really, what's the alternative? Are going to buy the D3.5?

and who don't have easy access to a D4 for testing.

BTW, have you read the "about us" part of DPReview? It starts with "Digital Photography Review's mission is to provide the most authoritative reviews of, the fastest, fullest news reports about, and the most comprehensive database of consumer digital cameras in the world" As things stand, DPReview is neither fast nor comprehensive which means that authorative is next to go out the window.

DPReview has a history of some weird findings and ratings in some of their reviews. They never have been the most authoritative on cameras, and never will be. They do a good job of covering a broad spectrum, but they've never been the definitive source of anything, save perhaps the most complete database of cameras and specs out there. Do you take someone who's putting a smartphone and camera bag reviews on their front page as someone who's really going to give you the authoritative review on the D4? That ship was never in port, and just keeps on sailing.

That DPReview is putting their energy into updating the forums tell where where their financial generation is coming from. Sure, posting that "about us" statement might seem a little disingenuous in light of that. But it's just a little self-promotion. You didn't expect them to say "almost the best" did you?

There are two things that predominantly matter at this level in terms of differentiation from previous products or competition: AF and IQ. I wouldn't trust a desk jockey to review AF, so its kind of moot to be turning here for that. And even in the use-every-day realm it is hard to find someone equally familiar with both systems (canon and nikon), potentially eliminating the human skill factor out of the AF comparison. So even then it's tough. (BTW, who brought the canon AF fiasco the public's attention? It wasn't DPReview. It was--wait for it--someone who used the camera....)

And when it comes to IQ? Well you're now dealing with two cameras that are pretty similar, both in resolution and IQ. And it it turns out there's a half-stop difference? You going to sell your telephotos and buy into the others system for that? Of course not. So why does it matter? It's a step up from the D3s which was a step up from the D3. What else is there to say?

If you're trying to compare it to the D800 there's a slew of other factors in there: body size, battery size, frame rate, grip, resolution, etc.--that question is pretty much already answered before you even get to IQ measurements.

And what's left? How the camera "handles"? Not only is that a personal thing, but again, I would only take the opinion of someone who's already familiar with Nikon, not the opinion of someone who handles 20 different brands of cameras but doesn't actually use any of them.

Sure, looking at DPReview's image samples or comparisons is interesting and an amusing detour whenever it's posted. But there is no D4 alternatives (except switching to Canon), so what really is the point?

And, you can buy a camera for 6K, put a few hundred frames on it, and sell it for probably 5.5K. Even if you couldn't get that much, you'd never be risking anything close 6K. Question: Are you up for testing it yourself?

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