Sony 55-300 Comparison

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Re: More on the focus speed/accuracy

Personally, I like lenses with IS and have been considering the Sigma 70-300 OS for use on my Sony a57 and a65. However, I also am for lighter lenses whenever possible so am trying to convince myself I'd learn to love this lens. I am aware that Steady Shot produces just as good an image as lens IS, just not as pleasant to view through the EVF at long zoom.

I have the Sony 18-135 and enjoy it. I'm not sure what the references to SAM and SAM 11 refer to. I take a lot of video and wonder about the reported noise of the 55-300mm.

Thanks to the OP for his excellent comparisons to other lenses. That's one of the nice things about this forum,....thoughtful and helpful members. I know there are some more complete reviews coming one of these days but I'm not sure they are important now.


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