1D X w/ raw mode -- what features can I ignore?

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Re: 1D X w/ raw mode -- what features can I ignore?

XeroJay wrote:

I posted this on an older thread:

( http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1032&message=42504641&changemode=1 )

Here's my best advice:

-If you use Canon's own software, use whatever settings you prefer on the camera. All settings will be retained and reflected in the Raw processing.

-If on the other hand you use ANY third-party Raw software, leave ALL image settings in the camera at default, as NONE of the settings (other than white balance) will be reflected in the raw file. Any Picture Style, Contrast, Sharpness, Auto-Lighting Optimizer, will only serve to give you an inaccurate representation of what the file will look like once loaded in third-party software.

I see this everyday; photographers setting their Canon bodies to "Faithful" or "Neutral" picture styles, claiming that the there's more headroom in the raw file when opened in Lightroom. If there was a red button with an annoying error-buzzer sound, I'd press it at that.

The Auto Lighting Optimizer is the biggest offender, in my opinion. Your contrast and brightness will be dynamically adjusted in the previews, but the Raw files will actually likely have exposure inconsistencies that were not apparent when shooting. I've seen ALO actually equalize the brightness between two shots that were over a full-stop off from one another. Opened in LR, the exposure is then revealed to be all over the map.

Yes to that above. I found ALO to be of no use as I use Aperture, I had hoped lens corrections would save me a step or two in processing, but alas no.

All these "features" are of little value to a working photographer that needs a DAM capability in their workflow. Wouldn't it be nice if Photoshop, Aperture etc could recognise the instructions for these extra features.


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