CP4500 has a RAW mode! (Part II)

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Re: Hotpixel remapping: My results

Probably Read function doesn't work properly with cp4500. It has not found any mapped pixels on my cp4500. I haven't tried Remap with my camera as I only have few hotpixels on really long exposures when NR is off. But whether Read works or not does not effect Remap function as it is independent and it turns out it works with most of the coolpixes so far.


jaime wrote:
Ok... I did the remapping thing... it worked, no hotpixels
anymore!!!, but now, when I press the "read hot pixels" button it
doesn't show any... probably a bug in the program?

jaime wrote:
So, I just click remap and it will map my hotpixels?

Alex wrote:

No wonder then,

"Read" reads the pixels that have been mapped prevoiusly, it doesn't > search for new hot pixels. Since you don't have any hot pixels mapped > they all are visible on your shots. Only "Remap" will search for hotpixels > and include them into the map.


jaime wrote:
Just read, I didn't press remap because it didn't find any hotpixel

AlexMld wrote:

Did you press Remap?
Or just Read?

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