So who else is waiting for $2750 on the 5D3?

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Re: $2500

Rick Knepper wrote:

I really had no intention of buying a 5D3 (waiting on the 46 MP cam) but if the price dropped to $2500ish, It would be irresponible of me to not buy.

Hypothetically, if 6 months from now the 46-mp body becomes available for $4k and at the same time the price of 5D3 drops to $2,500, which one would you buy?

Is there a specific need you have, for which 22 mp is not enough, but 46 mp would be? I am just curious. Personally I haven't come across any case where I would need more than 20 mp other than just for a piece of mind in case I would want to print larger in the future.

High resolution can either increase or decrease DR depending on the implementation. Let's take 5D with 12.8 mp for example and divide each pixel into 4 to make 51.2 mp. If the read noise per smaller pixel remains the same, say 32 electrons at ISO 100, then the resulting DR is one stop less. If the read noise divides into 4 as well to be 8 electrons per smaller pixel, then the DR is one stop more than 5D. If the read noise divides by 2 to be 16 electrons, then the DR stays the same.

I would not want higher resolution at the expense of worst DR. If the new 46-mp body has the same read noise as 5D3 and therefore less DR, then I would prefer 5D3. Or else, if the new body does not have the same or better AF than 5D3, it also would not be attractive to me. We already have one 36-mp camera that can't focus

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