A77 v A99 fps dilemma.

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Re: A77 v A99 fps dilemma.

I'm a little surprised that anyone is getting multiple frames of a moving object in focus at 12 fps on the a77 because I was under the impression that the camera locked exposure and focus on the first frame and used the same settings for all the subsequent frames in the series. That would mean that as the subject moves toward you it becomes progressively out of focus. I've had no problems with focus if I set the camera to conventional continuous frame rate at hi (8 fps) and shoot that way. The camera has no trouble shooting my kid's track meets and stuff.

For all those who think a sports camera like the Canon 1dmk4 is a panacea I will say, having used one to shoot track, it's not much better at locking on to stuff than an a77. I'm sure the 1DX will be a bit better but not $5000 better...

I'm pretty sure the info is in the expaned manual on the DVD that comes in the box...

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