Just Bought EOS-M dual lens kit.

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How about focus speed?

How much slower than a similarly priced DSLR?

Lk400 wrote:

I think ill put my new toy to bed for the night. (Very non technical) summary of my first impression:


  • Great fun camera with near SLR quality images in a tiny package. Both the body and the lenses feel well made and solid, however the camera is very light and portable. The camera looks great, and comes with a mini canon EOS strap (red stripes in Japan model at least).

  • The screen is beautiful and large and I had no trouble composing or checking settings in daylight.

  • Image quality is very pleasing (i have only shot in JPG so far), however I really want to shoot in good light with a known lens before passing final judgement.

  • The 22mm lens is a useful and fun focal length, and at f2, aperture is large enough to isolate (close) subjects.

  • The zoom covers the standard 18-55 range, and is very useful for a walk around. Images appear to be sharp (although I did not really use this lens in daylight so I will withhold my judgement for now). The IS is effective. The zoom is quite fast to focus and after reading the reviews, I was surprised with this.

  • While of course higher end SLR manual controls are more convenient, for what this camera is designed for, I do not miss the lack of manual controls at all, and find the touch screen interface to be well thought out and intuitive to use.

  • I used it in drizzling rain and it still works, so build quality must be quite good!


  • I have always believed that more than 12 on a APS-C sensor is too many pixels, so I may be more sensitive to aggressive NR or noise than others. With that in mind, I am not at all displeased with the NR or noise, however I do notice a little of both. This is not at all a noisy sensor, but it is noiser than my other APS-C camera, which is a 40D.

  • While the 22mm lens is much more fun than the zoom, I find it slower focussing than the zoom.

  • I have not spent much time comparing sharpness at a pixel level, however neither lens blows me away with its sharpness.

  • Not really a con, but you want to make sure you have a fast SD card for HD video (mine drops out after about 20 seconds).

Thanks for reading my many, many posts!

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