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Re: only obsolescence that matters is the software

Well thanks for your opinions.

I think I'll be 100% ok with the fuji. I already shoot film with a Contax G2 and 645 film with a fuji GA645zi; they are not reflex and I'm perfectly fine with them.

When I'd like to take the 5D with me I always hesitate because of weight and size (I mean if I'm not 100% sure I'll need the camera it stays home).

But I probably wasn't very clear about obsolescence: of course any camera, even a brand new 1Dx in some years it's going to be substituted by a more performant model. Of course that doesn't mean a 1Dx will not take good pictures because there is a 1DxII around. But lenses are a different thing, they can last very long, and with canon or nikon you can be 100% sure you'll be able to use them in the future and lenses are the most expensive things in your setup. But what about fuji x system?

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