EX2F ISO400 to ISO800 quality change and ISO800 RAW

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Re: EX2F ISO400 to ISO800 quality change and ISO800 RAW

nycandre wrote:

Actually, over ISO 800 the law of physics apply and you won't find a small sensor camera that can pull decent images, except maybe the Fuji EXR CCD because they use special binning techniques to agglomerate pixels (the F200EXR is a great representative, as well as the Fuji X10).

At these price levels, there are far too many great options besides Samsung* - which is one of the better built ones, but not really up there in sensor performance. Best sensor and overall IQ would be Sony's RX100, great small size but too slick for my taste. If IQ and a flip out screen are important, I'd say go Nikon D5100 .. currently a great buy @ $200 off.

( ) I used to keep up with the various offerings, but the past couple of years have seen so many upheavals it's become far too complicated to follow.

Still the basic article and comments from the New York Times http://www.flickr.com/photos/nycandre/4050967137/ are still a good read.

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I was not referring to the usual unavoidable noise found in high-ISO images from small sensors. There is a specific rendering issue here beyond normal noise (Go to Imaging Resource and have a look at their sample shots). I don't think it's evident in files developed from RAW, so it's definitely a bug in the in-camera rendering engine.

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