Open Letter To Olympus & Informal Survey

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Re: I need E520 replacement!

scb wrote:

The new compact systems look interesting but if I go that route, I'm not sure I want to put my "faith" in Olympus for future support or products. My future with Olympus really depends on what happens with the company in the near future and I'm thinking that the future is more promising with Nikon or Canon.

Putting our faith in any company is folly in this day and age, maybe it was always so. Olympus is targeting the new consumer, younger people who will buy the next new shiny thing just because it is there. Look at the number of people who buy new iPhones or iPods or iPads, just because a new model came out, same with cameras, Oly doesn't make a penny from users like us unless we are buying something new all the time.

Oly has some pretty loyal customers time will tell whether that loyalty is warranted or misplaced.

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