Canon FD 500mm

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Re: Canon FD 500mm

Problem is to get the thing mounted and keep infinity focus. The distance between imager and mount was smaller on the FD system than on the EF system - at least if you bring in a mount adapter - consequently infinity focus is likely lost.

However, at US$ 200 it is a great bargin I think, but as mentioned you may have to buy an additional camera to work with it. Soon I suspect that there will be EOS M to FD adapters as well - that would be the option that I would aim for. Just get the lens now and wait for the EOS M to FD adapter to materialize.

See also this post regarding "past infinity" focussing capabilities of long lenses


asad137 wrote:

photosen wrote:

I think you could use it on a Sony Nex with an adapter, would have the added advantage of letting you focus manually through the LCD...

And why wouldn't you have that advantage using Live View on a 5DMkII?

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