Why would you want to sell the Kodak P880?

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We obviously see things differently, Mike. Take the example of your older JVC player. There are audio purists who would agree that having the older vinyl records and accompanying machines to play them is the only way to experience quality sound. I'm of a different mindset. I opt for the latest audio equipment complete with blue tooth technology. The other day my wife and I were traveling in our car when it became apparent to us that our subscription to Serius Radio had ended. I clicked on the Mode button on my steering wheel and the radio immediately paired with my smart phone and our music was restored. The quality of the sound was just fine for our ears. In other words... I appreciate the advances in technology.

And the same is true for the P880. It was a dynamite camera "for its day." Those who still have a working one and are willing to put up with its idiosyncrasies (i.e. Bassy) have a wonderful camera capable of producing great images. However, it would be foolish to buy one other than as a back-up to an existing one or for its parts "for an existing" one since the camera is old, no longer serviced and has a known track record of on/off problems. Besides... there are newer cameras now that do not take half the time to write to cards and produce stunning results. I guess we're going to have to agree to disagree on this.
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