Panasonic 35-100 f/2.8 impressive pictures

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Re: Panasonic 35-100 f/2.8 impressive pictures

ginsbu wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Could you please point me to some of the other cases you have in mind. I might agree but I'd like to have a look first.


Lefthand image, leaves on the left side show double-edging quite clearly (especially considering the small image size):

Upper righthand image, double-edging is pretty clear in the stem/branch just above her shoulder on the left (also visible elsewhere in the leaves):

There's some foreground interference in this one so it's less clear, but look at the leaves on the far left in profile (about level with her hand):

None of this is severe, but it's there.

In the image discussed previously, there is larger-scale multiple imaging (often more than double) that I think is clearly attributable to the foreground interference phenomenon you investigated, but there is also some fine-scale double-edging (and only double) that resembles the examples above.

I'd say that all three examples you show here might well be due to the same phenomenon as the one we discussed earlier and which I try to explain in the thread I linked to. Note that you do not even have to see any foreground contours for this phenomenon to occur. The foreground can be more or less completely dissolved and the background still look very strange due to foreground interference (i.e., the foreground acting as multiple, rather small, diaphragms).

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