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People find the term snapshot insulting - they shouldn't, there are brilliant snapshots. The term derives from a shot which was grabbed, almost on a whim, rather than one which was carefully considered - planned, stalked, assembled.

I see your example shots as snapshots. You took them because you were in a great place and saw beauty... but the problem is cameras don't see the same way. On location, we all filter out distractions - the camera grabs them all if you let it. The right location is half of the story, but the right light is what makes the best photographs.

Take a look at this site: http://fatali.com/

The guy has a number of weapons which he combines so well. The first is a good eye, he sees things. Then he works out the best vantage point so his photos contain exactly what he wants, no more and no less. Just what compromises are made we never question, what he takes works. But then his main weapon and the one most of us simply don't have. Time. He waits for the light.

Its a while since I visited his site, and at some stage it has been changed. There isn't as much work on there, but it is displayed better than it used to be. One vital ingredient has been omitted - he used to add field notes to every shot with the usual boring and largely irrelevant exit... but he added what I've not seen anywhere else. Time waiting for the light. Its not just getting up before dawn or hanging around until well after the sun goes down. Some examples quoted minutes, most measured in hours - but some are weeks or months.

I find his work inspirational, and his approach educational, it has emphasised what waiting for the light really means.
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