seeking some advice regarding a purchase

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Re: seeking some advice regarding a purchase

Either way, I ordered it and cant wait to try things out.

I'm happy for ya, Scott, and I hope everything meets or exceeds your expectations... All those lenses PLUS that camera for $900 doesn't seem bad. As for whether or not the 18-135 that comes with the K-30 in that kit IS the WR version, I can certainly understand your concern and confusion.

I know early on in this thread Ron (BrandRX) warned you that the 18-50 and 50-200 lenses that come in the kits AREN'T WR (and I have NO reason to doubt him). That's another thing I'm a bit obsessive about, is going over the Pentax lens list occasionally. They have TWO VERSIONS of BOTH of those lenses, and although the WR versions sell for a bit more at Amazon (and probably elsewhere -- I buy mostly via Amazon due to Prime and other reasons), if you click on the "buy lens" link for them at the Pentax website, they have BOTH versions priced the same, which makes NO SENSE AT ALL to me. Why on EARTH would you make a Weather-Resistant version of a lens available and sell it at EXACTLY the same price as the non-WR version...

What I hadn't seen (and didn't actually look at their lens chart before posting earlier) was two versions of their 18-135. But when I looked that the PRICE of the K-30 with the 18-135 and compared it to the price of the WR lens by itself I figured it HAD to be the WR version. Then I did something else... I clicked on the thumbnail at Amazon, which gave me a much bigger picture of the K-30 with that lens on it, and I read the info directly on the front of the lens, and the very last thing it said on the front of the lens -- even in a different color (blue) was "WR." So the combination of those two things made me pretty certain the 18-135 bundled ONLY with the black version of the K-30 IS the WR version. If it's NOT, then at least (if not others) are guilty of false and misleading advertising by posting that picture. My guess is... I'm right. I'm betting if I'd scoured all the specs and features it would have been in there somewhere, but looking at the blown-up pic was the easiest way.

At any rate, even though I've seen some great pics posted from folks using that lens, I still kinda feel it's a bit overpriced for what it is, so I'm glad you went another way.

Pentax revealed an 18-270 at Photokina (everyone says it's just a rebadged version of the Tokina 18-270, which hasn't been available in Pentax mount), and I don't think it's WR. I'm waiting to see what the price is, and what folks think of the quality. With it having TWICE the reach of the 18-135, I might be willing to get that one at some point to have a single lens I can use when I don't want to carry my bag.

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