When was the last time you upgraded your digital camera?

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Re: When was the last time you upgraded your digital camera?

I bought my first Canon point n shoot in 1994. It was a 3 mp camera and took awesome pics. In 2009, I bought my second Canon point n shoot. This time it was a 12 mp, and it also took really nice pics but the AF was not always reliable. Having had a Minolta SLR for many years, I had been toying with the idea of getting serious and getting a more substantial camera for some time now. I finally made the move about 3 weeks ago. I was still hesitant to commit fully to a camera with interchangeable lenses,so I thought I'd buy a bridge camera. The Sony I settled on did not work out for several reasons, so I returned it.

Then I found I found this site and started using it as a resource to compare makes and models of cameras and lenses, in conjunction with Amazon - which is where I finally bought my whole new "basic" gear yesterday. I say "basic" with tongue in cheek and a full blush after the orgy of shopping I did. This was precisely why I had shied away from committing to the more serious cameras. The dam has now been breached and, knowing me, there will be no containing it for awhile until I have reached my full quota (what is that...?) of lenses, attachments, and must-have gadgets. Sheesh!

I should have all my new gear by Tuesday. Next, I'll need.... %}}}

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