Canon G15 Sample Images + vs RX100

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Re: shutter lag?

I am not really sure if I fully understand, I don´t want even attack or harm anybody, but don´t you think that it´s weird to want judge camera abilities from us from position of your eyes, due to your unability to use the camera properly? As far as I know, it can do (fast?)continuous focusing, at least when you halfway press fire, so it should have "no" lag. Camera does work that way.

Well, I can´t swim, that way water must be bad even if others managed to do so...

I understand that It may be your need, as mine is (i´m looking for camera which is not on market now), but there is propably no way to meet your requirements, That way you have to get used or buy some fast SLR and fast lens, which will obviously make it few times more expensive. And here we are
Why does he do it?

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