seeking some advice regarding a purchase

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Re: seeking some advice regarding a purchase

Blackburn11 wrote:

Thank you. I meant to ask about the m lenses, not the a.

Andrew told you about the earlier lenses too - set "enable aperture ring" in the menu and then press green button to get exposure. Just one other point to remember - green button is sometimes of by up to a stop each way, so chinp the histigram and adjust + or -EV as necessary.

I got the K-30, a used Tamron 18-200, a used Pentax m 28mm f/2.8, and a used Pentax m 50mm f1.7. Got it all for just over $900. So the wife was only mad enough to smack me around for about 3 hours today.

Good selection: you've sacrificed WR for versatility, but life is full of compromises. I often use non-WR lenses in the rain: what I do is carry the camera so the lenses is always hanging below it except when sooting; and keep a pocketfull of dry handkerchiefs to mop the water off.

I realize that the Tamron is probably less of a lens quality wise than the 18-135 wr. But I will get to see more focal length and see what I like to shoot. I hopefully can get a feel for the difference in IQ between a big zoom lens and some sharp primes.

The Tamron will have slightly less punchy colours but its resoltion is probably a match for the 16-135. With your primes you'll see the difference in IQ at wider apertures: by the time you stop down to f/8 diffraction is starting to even things out and by f/11 there's next to nothing in it. See this thread by Dean

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