Should I send my D800 in for left focus issues?

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Chester S Parks Contributing Member • Posts: 559
Should I send my D800 in for left focus issues?

I have been satisfied that my D800 did not have a left focus issue, then I tried a 5 shot HDR.

My subject was an older house with a field stone foundation where about 4 feet was exposed above the ground level. When I combined the 5 shots in PhotoMatrix, the foundation stones on the right side of the final HDR were in sharp focus, but those on the left side were blurred and the grout lines noticeably out of focus.

I did take the 5 shots with the autofocus turned on. So I have concluded that the camera tried to refocus between shots and the left focus varied between shots. All shots were taken with the major focus point in the center of the screen.

I did take the 5 shots for the HDR with a good heavy graphite tripod and a good heavy duty ball head, firmly locked in place.

My questions are:

1. Does the left focus issue change as the f-stop changes? Might this be a way to farther identify a left focus issue?

2. When taking an HDR, should I first take a normal shot, lock the focus by switching to manual and check the focus on the left by "pixel peeping" before taking the HDR shots? Would this apply even if there were not left focus issues?

3. Have there been enough successful fixes done by NIKON NY, that I should send my camera in now? In reading about the NIKON Germany fixes, I get the idea that NIKON now acknowledges the issue and will correct it, even after the warranty period, but that it has not implemented at all locations. Would I be better off to wait a while, since this is not major issue to me--farther testing needs to done before I would call it major.

Nikon D800
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