EVF? OVF? CDAF? PDAF? And a Challenge.

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EVF? OVF? CDAF? PDAF? And a Challenge.

I really thought that I wanted Oly to bring out an E50 or E7 or whatever, which would be a traditional DSLR with the new EM5 sensor dropped into it.

I have a number of EVF cameras and use them extensively, and trust me on this, if you use them in enough tricky situations, you will end up wanting to wring the necks of those people who you read on forums telling you that an EVF is just as good as an OVF!! There can indeed be advantages (and I'll be talking about one big one shortly), however I still hate using the things, and they have a long way to go in many situations, hence something like an E50 with the new 16MP sensor that I can stick my existing fourthirds lenses on, seems like the ideal solution.


After having used my EM5 with the 50-200 on it for a number of months now, I'm not convinced that the conventional E50/E7 is what I want. Why? because of focus.

Many of you on this forum will know that historically I have been extremely disgruntled with the IQ from my Oly cameras, especially after buying some D3 and D300 cameras. Two of the main things that the Nikon cameras brought to the table and showed what was possible was better sensor technology, and a much more accurate and dependable AF system. With the EM5, aspects of this technology gap have been closed. I believe Olympus is now competitive with its current 16MP sensor. I am not so convinced on its PDAF technology. If it could sort out its focusing, I think that the two main failings of the system will have been eliminated. Its nearly 'there'. But dropping the new sensor into an E30/3 type body is only half the answer because I believe that for the majority of users, the IQ will still not be as good as it could be due to the focusing, and it might need a shift away from the current PDAF system to allow the lenses to operate to their full potential. Or it might need some sort of hybrid method, but that might also require an EVF.

I realise some people who are still shooting with fouthirds are resistant to EVFs, and believe me, I fully understand where you are coming from. But from my own personal point of view (and I realise YMMV depending on how and what you shoot), I think I would take accurate AF over having an OVF if it were an either/or choice.
What do you think?

But to answer that, you first must know what your image quality would be like if you DID get very accurate focus pretty much all the time. Some of you claim to have that. Do you in reality? I'm really not sure. Maybe. Maybe not. I'm going to post a reply to this in which I suggest test you can try. It would be good if some of you give it a go.


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