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Re: addtl. notes about GB

Blackburn11 wrote:

your 28 and 50 mm lenses will perform very well.

when you use them, you will follow the steps by awaldram. you will use Manual mode on the exposure mode dial.

using the green button to set exposure manually means exposure is set, high water or not, until you do something to change it. this works fine if you are in an area with pretty even light. same conditions, fine. walk around the house and into the shade, have to adjust exposure. heavy cloud covers sun, adjust. etc.

after using the green button, if you make any change to one exposure variable, you will have to compensate by adjusting one of the two other variables. of course, if things are too bright and i want to darken them, i just use a faster shutter. however, if i am happy with the exposure but wish i had used a smaller aperture or want a faster shutter, i need to compensate one with another.

anyway, just trying to point out things don't end with using the green button to set exposure. i am not sure how well you understand aperture, shutter, & ISO and don't mean to type things you may know. a basic knowledge will help get you going with the M lenses.

in the custom settings menu is an option to set 'Green button in TAv & M'. default, i imagine, is Program Shift. i recommend setting this to Tv Shift. when the camera is adjusting exposure for you, during exposure bracketing or whatever, Program Shift means the camera adjusts both aperture and shutter speed while Tv Shift means the camera only adjusts shutter speed.

when i bracket, i prefer my aperture to remain the same. changing aperture changes depth of field. i prefer to change shutter speed as this doesn't affect depth of field.

some green button threads point made here to use center weighted metering with M lenses. Ron says you don't need to use the green button if you don't screw the lens on all the way (i haven't tried this) and catch in focus is discussed

catch in focus is using the center AF point in manual focus. you turn the focus ring and the camera takes the picture when whatever the AF point is.. pointed at comes into focus. you have focus peaking, too, and that is nice.

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