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Re: Wise choice?

Benna78 wrote:

But before getting rid of my canon (which is for me more than enough regarding performances and IQ) I'd like to receive some comments about a couple of things I'm thinking these days.

The full frame sensor is really good, after all, and with the release of the canon 6d and nikon d600 the price of that technology is going down (around 2000$ Euro)...ok not exactly a bargain, but what if in a few years the full frame will reach 1500 bodies? Won't an expensive aps like the fuji xpro and its lenses become totally obsolete?

A full frame camera offers many advantages over APS-C. However, these advantages tend not to matter if the camera is left at home. So what good is it if you dont use it?

I shoot with an ancient Fujifilm S5 Pro. A veritable dinosaur by today's standards. 6 megapixels! Do I care what others think that it is obsolete? No. Not a bit. Why should you care if your X Pro 1 is considered obsolete?

Actually in a few years my 5dII will be quite obsolete too. But my lenses will not and they already are ff. Is it worthwhile investing in a expensive and niche system like the fuji (which is also a niche brand)? I can't afford to get the fuji and keep the canon (and it would be a waste of equipment)

No one can answer that but you.

and of course I can't afford a leice M9...

Leica is very much overrated.

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