Petition to lower A99 price

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won't work but indeed is overpriced

I like your effort - but I doubt that it will move the needle. Sony would need thousands if not tens of thousands of unique opinions for this - and even then they might decide to not look like idiots by revising the price down, not to mention hurting early customers having paid full price.

Let's look at the facts:

  • the A99 seems like a great camera.

It is built around a great sensor and so will likely deliver great IQ despite the 1/3rd stop light loss due to the fixed mirror.

The concept means that it will beat any classical DSLR at AF performance quite easily be it for first acquisition or for continuous shooting.
And should anyone care, it can film with AF, a feat that no DSLR can achieve.

  • HOWEVER, Sony are far from having gained a big credibility in DSLRs or DSLR-like cameras ie the SLTs. Their brand just isn't there. Their lens catalogue also isn't there.

  • and now one can buy a comparable classical DSLR from brands with more equity (Canon and Nikon) for a significantly lower price. Ouch!

To me as an outsider, it feels like:

  • either Sony priced that thing on a cost-plus basis without thinking deeper about what the market would bear

  • or worse, Sony did not for a second think when and especially at what price the Nikon D600 and Canon 6D would come out. I think this is quite unlikely because the rumors had been going on for quite some time - but who knows.

As a result, I'm afraid that Sony won't sell as many A99's as it would have deserved to sell. And by the time the market price has possibly come down to $2'000 (a not insignificant drop from $2'800) it is very probable that most people who wanted an affordable full-frame will have bought a Nikon D600 (available almost immediately after the announcement), or pre-ordered a Canon 6D hoping to receive it for Christmas.

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