For Sensor Detectives. GH3 Sensor appears Panasonic's

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Re: GH3 is NOT Panasonic sensor - crazy logic!!

So Apple spends millions on the iPhone.... but if you ask them if another company makes it how do they answer....would you expect them to say 'Oh Foxconn make it- so you should assume it is a Foxconn product'

Put the question to apple... Is it an Apple device? So it is not a Foxconn device?

How would you answer that? Isn't any answer potentially misleading?

Just as the iPhone is an apple device manufactured by Foxconn, it is possible this is a Panasonic sensor manufactured by the Sony wafer fab.

If we see Sony selling it to a variety of customers we will then know it as Sony product, but being produced at the Sony owned wafer fab does not tell us that.

Myari wrote:

EOSHD: Is it a Panasonic sensor? So it is not a Sony sensor?

Inoue: Ah no comment!

After spending millions of dollars on a sensor, a company doesn't reply with "Ah no comment!" when ASKED if some other company made the sensor!

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