For Sensor Detectives. GH3 Sensor appears Panasonic's

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Mazin Sami wrote:

The formulae in use in this forum is that a product of the factory that builds the product.

This is a great idea. Forget who owns the design, who made the design. Theses people are all irrelevant. Of course, Apple, who actually does not own factories actually have no products. Their products are really Foxxcon products (iPhone, iPod, iPad etc) or the Asus subsidiary products (Laptops, servers etc).

So it is irrelevant that Panasonic design engineers produced the design of the sensor, they obviously gave up all rights to the product by sending it a Sony owned wafer fab.

In fact Sony imaging owns no sensor designs either, since the wafer fab that makes them is a different division of Sony!

The clear fact is that anyone who outsources the manufacturing of products no longer has any products as they become products of the outsource manufacturer

This is what I would call ridiculousness at the highest level, bringing Apple to this argument is so pathetic. You really need to reassess that.

Apple owns everything they make, from the case to the smallest circuit. That's why Apple is Apple

But Apple makes nothing, since all their products come from Foxxcon facories or Asus subsidiary factories.

The ridiculous is the idea that just because a product comes from an outsource manufacturers factory, then the product is an 'outsource manufacturer' product. The Sony wafer fab manufactures sensors for kits of people, just like Foxxcon manufactures for lots of people.

Sony wafer fab owns NONE of those products. When Sony imaging is the customer then Sony imaging owns the sensor. If Nikon or Panasonic is the customer, then the product is a Nikon or Panasonic product.

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