Time to ditch the DSLR?

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laquila65i wrote:

Tony Sx wrote:

Basically, what I'm asking is how much gear do you need?

I agree. Kids today think that they need "the gear". I don't care what they need. I know what I need. What photography world needs today is Beavis and Butt-head, only this time, they should "review" the digital camera reviews, instead of music videos. If you know what I mean

I don't really understand your points?

I'm not trying to 'be' someone. I'm trying to make sure that I have kit that is suitable for my work and that that doesn't involve me carrying around huge weights.

Correct- legendary photographers didn't think about their gear but that's not the point. One day when people are not so fickle perhaps we will all shoot on compact cameras with fixed lenses. Until that day- if I'm being paid several thousands of pounds for a shoot and whip out a NEX the perception my client will have of me is going to be affected. Unless they know about photography or I then engage them in a conversation about eh this camera is as good as some others that they are expecting me to be using.

I was the same when I worked in TV production. If we didn't turn up for a shoot with a large camera and gear then people immediately thought we were not a 'professional' crew. I happened many many times.

It's not the right approach but that's the way of the world.

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