seeking some advice regarding a purchase

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Re: seeking some advice regarding a purchase

Blackburn11 wrote:

Thank you. I meant to ask about the m lenses, not the a.

Well. I ordered the stupid thing. I got stage fright at the last minute about the 18-135 WR lens. I was just very tight budget wise and couldnt spend the 500 on it. Some of the internet reviews scared me out of it also.

I got the K-30, a used Tamron 18-200, a used Pentax m 28mm f/2.8, and a used Pentax m 50mm f1.7. Got it all for just over $900. So the wife was only mad enough to smack me around for about 3 hours today.

I realize that the Tamron is probably less of a lens quality wise than the 18-135 wr. But I will get to see more focal length and see what I like to shoot. I hopefully can get a feel for the difference in IQ between a big zoom lens and some sharp primes.

Worse case scenario, I can resell any of it I dont use without too much of a loss and get something more suitable.

Cant wait to get it in my hands!

great buying. the 18 200 will give you great results just stop it down 1 stop for the sharpest pics. at f8 it will be just as good as any pro lens . i use mine for studio shoots as i need the focal lenght and my 18 200 sigma is just as sharp as the 35mm limited at f8. the 50 1.7 prime is razer sharp from f2 and should be a lot of fun. enjoy your new toys and dont be afraid to use higher iso to get shutter speed up the k30 is as good as they get. when shooting indoors 125-160 sec is perfect to still movement.

cheers don

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