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D Cox wrote:

Yes, it is very expensive to preserve digital data. A book can be put on a shelf and left for decades. Black-and-white film seems to last very well.

Expensive? I can copy my digitized videos and photos with a minimum of money for technical equipment and time. Just select, and then click copying to new target.
Then go for a cup of coffe/tea.

In contrast, the professional scanning of 3000 slides and 120 film shots cost me hundreds of Euros.

On top of that, I have already spent days (!) in the process of cleaning the scans, removing the black border, correcting white balance. And I am not even finished yet!

Therefore, I would claim that preserving analog data is much more expensive and time consuming. As soon as you have it in digital form, backing up is a breeze.

Furthermore, film, even if stored correctly, deteroriates due to chemical processes.
Pocket film is worst in that regard.

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