Prices on used M9 cameras?

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Re: Prices on used M9 cameras?

dasper wrote:

You are insane, or have a strong agenda. I bought a used M8 4 years ago for $2100.

So, good luck to you. But if you dream of an M9 at $2600, you will never own one. > Sorry.

That would be pretty grandiose thinking on my part to believe I could push an agenda on some internet forum. I don't believe that. I'm only stating my opinion. Tech is growing exponentially. There is a lot more competition for the M9 than there was a year ago and now there are options otherthan Leica to use that Leica glass on. I do believe a year from now there will be M9's to be had for $2500 or so, jmo. Myself I'm probably like many. I don't think I'll sell my 8.2; I'll most likely gift it to someone once I can find the M. This is my thinking; the person who buys the M is the person who is invested in Leica glass like myself. That person doesn't want your wore out M9 for $3500us when he could have a new M9 for a few thousand more. I certainly won't pay $3500 for a M9 with 25,000 actuations when for an insignificant amount I could have new.

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