Why would you want to sell the Kodak P880?

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Spiridakis Michael
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Re: JamesD

JamesD2 wrote:

Thanks, Ralph. I too would appreciate a clarification from Mike.
Happy Snappin'

James I really can't understand what kind of clarification you want from me... once I had a very unique vinyl player made by JVC it was a mechanics marvel for that time and very beautifully made... when CD arrived I got rid of it.... What a mistake of me... I wish I had it know... CD sound is so dead... JVC is not making such things anymore... It would be wonderful to use it from time to time but most of all to beautify my living room.... both by it self and it's sound... Who would be able to technically serve this today... let me say you NONE... it would be my responsibility...

Its exactly the same with Kodak P880.... when we all know that its only problem is the ON/OFF switch.... and given that many have post their fix here... and none of them was extremely serious... as this camera deserves for a total switch reconstruction...

But after some years in the future lets say 5 it would be a lot of pleasure to shoot with an old P880... maybe EPSON have triple their EVF dots but its totally different a samsung and a Kodak on your neck....

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