KM 7D, just because

Started Sep 18, 2012 | Photos thread
Jim N'AZ Veteran Member • Posts: 7,464
Hey, Bob!

Yuppers, that very lens! Kinda think it might be my 7D maybe. As I mentioned, If I put it in manual focus and then set it to 5.6 and at the 3' distance mark, everything looked very good from 1.5' out to infinity.

Hey, we had a great time out at the Desert Botanical garden today. It was free today (normally 15 ea. for us old folks) as it was Smithsonian day and many museums were free today.

I thought momma did herself right proud with her P&S too! Truth be told, I also brought along a P&S (A650 IS) as it has the swivel LCD and I just can't get down on my knees very well anymore and that swivel LCD sure helps an old guy out!

I did buy a spotless Sony A700 the other day (I know, I'm a late adopter) and I wish I had taken it instead of my D300 as the weight is much less on the Sony and it gives me some nice colors, but I wanted to try out my Sigma 18-250 on the Nikon.

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