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Re: Got my site going...

On the dashboard of your site, on the last tab (that lets you edit site settings) you have an option for that on general definitions called 'Navigation'. That one let's you have the click 'more' option on your navigation menu or not.

After that what can happen is that your navigation menu can occupy two lines for example because of the number of sections or the size of the font. You can change that customizing the css code of the site.

Hope that helps. Any doubts regarding the css part or anything let me know. I love weebly and blogger but they can be tricky sometimes.

A Girard wrote:

I've been trying to figure that out. Would you know where I can find that option as I couldn't find it? BTW, thanks for looking:)

Azelpds wrote:

Great photos, I really like the 'Animals' section.

About the site (I use weebly also) could be a good idea to get all the menu upfront instead of having to click 'more' to see all the sections left.

And I really enjoyed the blog also. The articles and opinions are very familiar to me.

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