have d200, buy d600? will it worth

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Re: have d200, buy d600? will it worth

Honestly after the D200 it does not feel that small. Remember the D200 was very sparse with it AF sensors, the D600 still give you better coverage.

Was trying out a new FX lens tonight I picked up today for when I need walk around lens with little more reach, the Nikon 24-120VR f4.

I had a test with D600 at a gymnastic center my daughter was at for a party tonight. Your shooting in a building with super high ceilings that had Sodium Vapor lamp mounted very high up but also shooting towards window 150 feet away. Which made the center darker then it seamed (need to shoot ISO 3200 to 4000 to even get 1/60 to 1/100 for most of the shots) but still had to contend with a brighter background source when the sun poked through the window at time, it was raining today in Austin. She was jumping off a vault into a foam pit towards me.

Coverage was not the issue for any of these images on the FX lens. It a was good test, I want to go back with my 17-55mm to run a second test. This was an environment that would have been impossible to shoot with D200 without flashes.

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