How little camera sensors have changed in 5 years

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Re: How little camera sensors have changed in 5 years

I did the same thing, except, I pixelpeeped at 100% and put them side by side:

D800, D4, D600 and D700. Each one was opened (RAW) in Capture NX2 and slight sharpening (not USM, the in-camera sharpening) was added to each file to make details show up as best as possible without destructing any deatail. I figured it would be fair comparison if I adjusted all of them to look their best because each camera has different strength AA filter, so you have to account for that. Anyways, I don't recall exact values, but I think I went from +3 to +5 sharpening on D800, about the same on D4, +7 or +8 on D600 and D700 would only go to +4 before sharpening started doing more damage than good. Here you go, look at the dime, compare level of details.

D800, D4, D600, D700 at ISO 12800:

With D700 being what, 3 years old? The difference is quite noticeable.

But what if you're not into high ISO shooting? Let's compare D800 to D3s, which was until recently the king of everything in Nikon's camp:

D3s, ISO 100:

D800, ISO 100 (same lens, same S and A settings):

The difference in DR and level of details is stunning.

So, I'd say, the progress is quite noticeable

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