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Tom Hoots
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DPR studio comparison is entirely bogus.

I'm a little late to the party, but here goes, anyway:

andrew turner wrote:

Going through the image comparisons here, I'm a little surprised by how soft the RX100 images look; specifically, take a look at the playing card.

Many cameras that are likely competitors (e.g. Olympu XZ-1) are FAR sharper when looking at the card, but are closer in other areas.

What's up with that playing card?

It's very easy to understand "what's up with that playing card" -- it simply is OUT OF FOCUS in the RX100 shot. One of the most eye-opening things you can do is to click on the little "Download: JPEG" link under each camera you choose to display in the tool. Download the files for a few different cameras, and the situation becomes abundantly clear: DPR DOESN'T EVEN TRY TO GET THE SHOTS FROM EACH CAMERA LINED UP THE SAME from one camera to another. I don't know, perphaps it's impossible, but you will see some astonishing differences between how some cameras are framed, compared to others.

For instance, if you have a viewer that will let you go quickly between images, just go back and forth between the downloaded Canon G1X image and the downloaded RX100 image -- the G1X shot seems to be "flat," while the RX100 shot clearly shows that some of the objects in the picture are considerably in front of other objects.

I really like the comparison of the RX100 and the Sony NEX-7 -- both shots are framed quite similarly, but the focal conditions are completely different. When you go from the NEX-7 shot to the RX100 shot, the latter virtually "leaps out" towards you, giving you far more of a three-dimensional look at the scene.

At any rate, if you download the actual files and start looking at them, you begin to understand that the DPR studio tool is really "utterly worthless" -- it is often completely misleading as you compare cameras with it. By all means, head over to Imaging Resource, where they really do seem to manage to get their comparison shots framed far more consistently.

Tom Hoots

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