Is Ken Rockwell's review credible?

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Re: Is Ken Rockwell's review credible?

Jethro777 wrote:

My brother, a die-hard Nikon and Canon fan swears by his reviews. Is it credible?

"Monday Morning Wake-Up Call"

While all the whizzy features impress gadget hounds, the fundamental picture-taking ability of the Sony A55 is flawed in several very important ways. I wouldn't buy one of these things.

Among the big deficiencies for serious photographers, any one of which is a deal-breaker, are:

4.) The Sony A55 puts all sorts of junk files and folders all over the SD card. Not only does this make it a pain to have to hunt and peck for the only folder we need that has our images, half of my computers didn't recognize the card in my various card readers! I had to stick the SD card in my MacBook Pro, and use the MacBook Pro to copy the files to a USB stick, and then copy from the USB stick to my Power Mac. In the A55's defense, the A55 connects to all my computers just fine via USB and pops up as an external drive, which is something the Nikon D7000 can't do. Still, I'd rather the cards were legible!

LMAO. Classic Ken Rockwell. He found it difficult finding the DCIM (Digital Camera IMages) folder among 4 other folders in the root directory of the SIM card and calls it a deal breaker. Let me repeat that in case anyone missed the punch-line: he found it difficult finding the DCIM folder in the root of the SD card and calls it a deal-breaker. Does a camera even exist that doesn't store images in a DCIM folder? Does anyone not know that DCIM starts with a D? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you must be Ken Rockwell.

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