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Re: not to be too technical

dv312 wrote:

if you want really shallow DOF try the FF D600 + 50mm f1.8 or 85mm f1.8 and you'll see a big difference in DOF to MFT but you 'll sacrifice portability and stealth

Not really the case for the D600 + 50/1.8 as the Nokton 25/0.95 would result in pretty much identical field of view and depth of field. There are also quite some very fast 50s to adapt on mFT so theres hardly a diffference between those and a 85/1.8 on FF either.

If extremely shallow DoF is the main goal, go FF with at least f/1.4 lenses, or better even faster ones like those few f/1.2 and such. That way, the same results will not be reached with any mFT/APS-C combination on the market right now.

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