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Re: New is great

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

Shouldn't matter. Is the 90mm chipped? Might be another indication that the lens is compounding many of your problems. Something to investigate I would think....maybe not. Good Luck

The 90mm is an up to date version with the built in focus motor

The G type lens is a Nikkor so I think you have to go back and take a look at this one

Neither try to re-focus..of course they do in AF-C but not AF-A

Very strange. Looks like that lens combo is causing you fits for more than one body. Just doesn't seem to act as designed or like the rest of our setups. It would make since that the lens a small contributor as it was used with all 4 bad bodies.

Again try to take some solid documentary pics (no hand held white cats ) CDAF vs PDAF at 50x focal length with tripod AF-S single 1/200s or faster. That service center seems iffy at best based on the one persons experience with them. Good Luck and best wishes.

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