How little camera sensors have changed in 5 years

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Re: How little camera sensors have changed in 5 years

J Mankila and Robin...thank you for your explanation and guidance when talking about the dynamic range chart vs the relative ISO...and Robin I know the thread title reads " How little camera sensors have changed in 5 years" and that throws all sorts of comparisons on the table...but to be honest ,in my mind only thinking of the High ISO type shots...and as you say that at 800 ISO there’s only around Half a stop between a D800 and a D700...not much really…so apologies for not making that clear with a perhaps misleading thread title

also when I’ve seen many posters here at DPR explaining the importance of the high ISO as a reason to upgrade or not , I find it quite a compelling argument that the capabilities from the current sensor to one that’s 5 years old haven’t changed much in that time

Don’t get me wrong D800 owners..I’m not knocking your new camera…just pointing out that in a lot of shots taken at the higher ISO you will see little difference between today’s sensors and the one in either the D700 or D3…and perhaps a tad behind the D3s ?...hence “How little camera sensors have changed in 5 years"

However the shot that mako 2011 posted of the mountain bike forks does show a difference to me between a D700 and a D800….so more comparison shots would be good to get a handle on that

But looking at a D700 versus a D300s..the difference is night and day at 6400ISO…Im not seeing that huge leap from a D700 to a D800 though..Again talking higher ISO shots here.

But to brutally blunt….I’ve yet to see many D800 if any images that couldn’t have been captured equally as well on a D3/D700…unless your cropping huge that is..then 36 MP shine more latitude in that area in PP is a welcome addition I guess…but that does come in a trade off as well, between huge file sizes and lower framed rate…but I digress as my original comparison was about the higher ISo shots these cameras produce

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