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Re: Micheal, if IRCC

A better search is this:

And of course you can always search the Leica forum for "Reid". I got 760+ references...

Daedalus2000 wrote:
OK, it is impressive that you do not know him then...

Given that you prefer the free stuff, here are some free articles from him: (You do know luminous landscape I guess right?)

And by the way, there is no need to be so dismissive of people who ask money for their good work. I am sure you have some income as well, right?

Cheers, D

Michael S. wrote:

Artichoke wrote:

folks frequently cite him in discussions, so I am surprised you have not heard of him


Why should I have heard of a guy who collects money for what can be read for free elsewhere on the web?

I am shooting digital since 1999, I am here on dpreview since 2001 and do have a M9 as it came know Steve Huff, Kai, Kim, Thorsten...but for sure never have heard of him.

That's it.

Michael S.
EUROPE; dpreview since 2001
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