D600 RAW is not much better than A900

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Re: Look in the darker areas

MaxLowLight wrote:

Endos wrote:

I get better results with my A900: http://www.mediafire.com/?7b2bydpw5bbxc21

Grats, I can buy 2 K30s and a 18-135 for that price. I can also take a shower with my camera. I can also record video. Too many good things for a mere $800 to buy anything else under $2500. Enjoy your a900 though, nothing wrong with choice, to each their own.

I would not trade my A900 for two, even three, K30s. My lenses cost much more than my camera. I don't shoot under the shower. I hate video. I can get a second hand A900 for 1000€. But you are right, nothing wrong with choice, to each their own

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