Canon 70-200 MK II

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Re: Canon 70-200 MK II

same here..both lenses
...f4 I.S. @ wide-open = f2.8 II @ f4 ...very close


so the f2.8 II @ f2.8 'softer wide-open' than the f4 wide-open @ f4

so it is down to weight and size ...versus... 1 more stop....
do you need it?

as to the macro
as stated here the original 100 non-L macro is slightly sharper (very close)
than the 100L

neither sharper than my 2 70-200 2.8/4 lenses @ 100

dont do away with the macro......
it is a unique item ...

if you shoot in low light and want the 1 extra stop...and enjoy the weight(ha!)
then the the beautiful f2.8 ... is it

if you love the weight and size of the f4....
and dont really NEED f2.8
that is the one

they are great - I could not give up the f4 after getting the f2.8 II
they have uses


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