Slt-A55 vs A-37

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Re: Slt-A55 vs A-37

I wasn't sure either when I bough last year a35, but believe me it's very distracting when you can't shoot more than 6 images sequentially even at 2.5fps.
now I have a57 and I'm relieved, buffer never has been filled on a57 yet.

since I have a35 (a55's small brother) and a57 (a37's big brother) I know everything about that cameras so I'll wright every difference I noticed:

you should consider advantage of a37 in video mode and fact that you can customize a37 AWB.

a55 has digital level gauge (aka digital horizon) a37 not. (big advantage for me)

a37 has electronic front curtain shutter so vibration of shutter mechanism is much less.

I'm sure startup time of a55 is much less than a37's. (assuming based on fact that a35 starts much faster than a57).

there are no other big differences but the screen on a37 is a mess, besides of its poor resolution and small size a37's screen has very small viewing angle.

overall I think a55 is definitely BETTER camera than a37. the feature advantages of a37 you'll forget in a week and then all you'll need will be performance and in terms of performance a55 is a keeper.

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