Sensorgen D600 read noise at base ISO: Hmmm

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Re: Sensorgen D600 read noise at base ISO: Hmmm

Jack Hogan wrote:

What do we make of the D600's read noise at base ISO as calculated by Sensorgen?

Seems very high compared to read noise at higher ISOs, especially when compared to the trend on the D800 and D7k. Are we sure this is a Sony sensor?

Full well count shows no sign of being capped, so read noise is the reason why the D600's DR at base ISO appears stunted.

Read noise at base ISO:
D700 15.2 e-
D800 2.7 e-
D7000 3.1 e-
D3s 25.5 e-
D3x 6.4 e-
D4 18.6 e-
D600 7.3 e-
EOS 5DIII 33.1 e-

Somebody posted a photo of the D600 sensor, it looked like an Exmor, it smells like an Exmor, and tastes like an Exmor.
"Stunted" DR?

I must have told you a million times not to exaggerate
D800 is remarkable, but so is the D600.

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