How to best make those 20x30 prints (or larger) from the Merrill sensor ?

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Re: How to best make those 20x30 prints (or larger) from the Merrill sensor ?

Zone8 wrote:

I know it's not the SD1 or DP models but always (after extensive trials repeated and checked by a few colleagues) found best processing for resizing was to use the PhotoShop bicubic method in ONE process - the steps did nothing, other than waste time! Never use TIFF - found nothing wrong in actual practice using JPEG format files. I know others report otherwise - but I ma reporting results from our extensive practical tests for making prints. Only other point was during the resizing, set the ppi to 360 to match the relative "times by whole number" output (we used 1440 dpi) from Epson printers. Hope that helps.

Agree for the ONE process step but by first re-sizing to 360 dpi you are already introducing ANOTHER step to - as you say - 1440 dpi, further 'blurring' the result by letting the printer driver once again interpolate to 1440 dpi. Furthermore the re-sizing stage that ain't an exact multiply can introduce some slight errors and should therefor be kept to the final step instead re-sizing it again.

Greetz, To Shoot or...

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